Diana and Mark
‘We feel really fortunate to have found Hayley to guide us through the preparations for our birth.  By the end of our course, she felt more like a friend than our instructor and she regularly checked in with us to make sure we were getting on okay.  During the classes, she was incredibly knowledgeable, amazingly supportive and debunked some of the myths about Hypnobirthing... I hadn’t realised you can hypnobirth through a caesarean, for example.  When I landed up having one in slightly unexpected circumstances, the theatre team commented on how relaxed I seemed as they expected me to be more nervous.  I’m certain I owe this to Hayley’s preparation as I’m usually quite stressy.  Even now, as the mother of a newborn, I use some of the techniques Hayley taught us to relax on the tiring days or when the crying gets too much.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.’
Kirsty and Ryan
Both my husband and I enjoyed the course. We feel 100 times more prepared and confident for the birth. Hayley is friendly and calm and creates a totally inclusive environment. Hayley never made us feel as though she was judging any of our preferences, which made us more and more comfortable to open up. 
Stephanie and Lloyd
The sessions were fun, enjoyable and insightful. They were nicely paced and I appreciated the chance to ask questions. My husband was pleased that his views and fears were just as important as mine. 
We struck up a great relationship with Hayley quickly and she made us feel completely at ease. It's made me truly believe that birth can be something to look forward to. 
I'm so glad that we met Hayley and am really excited to meet our baby now!